The Office of Monitoring independently monitors and tests Americorps-funded grants, projects, and recipient organizations to ensure program activities are in compliance with Federal regulations and AmeriCorps policies​. Our aim is to increase the capacity of both AmeriCorps and our funded organizations to comply with regulations and focus on what is important: serving communities across America.

The resources on this page are currently aimed at the Office of Monitoring's second round of monitoring. The page hosts resources that our sponsors need to access to comply with monitoring requests as of April, 2021. While sponsors may access anything hosted on this page, we would like to emphasize that the development of our office means that future processes and resources may change.


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Wizehive Demonstration

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Creating an AmeriCorps Litmos Account

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WizeHive Zengine monitoring platform

Office of Monitoring flow chart for WizeHive

Please see the flow chart (above) of our WizeHive Zengine monitoring platform. If you were selected for monitoring, this visual diagram may help clarify the different stages of the monitoring activities. Green items indicate that action required by grantees, while blue items indicate actions begin taken by AmeriCorps Monitoring Officers. Please note that there may be more than one round of Documentation Intake and CAP Intake due to requests for samples of records identified from initial materials submissions.

It is important to review all requested items and submit to the Office of Monitoring by the established deadline, which will help ensure the process moves forward. During each step of the process, you should receive an auto-reply from the WizeHive Zengine monitoring platform confirming receipt of your submissions or notifications that items are pending for completion. If you are not receiving auto emails from the WizeHive platform, please email and CC your assigned Monitoring Officer.